“Coaching is all about helping individuals see where problems lie and the changes they need to make to maximise their performance.”

Achieving clarity

Elizabeth’s commercial insight and impartial coaching style allow her to quickly gain the trust and confidence of the leaders and teams she works with.


Importantly, her international business experience and executive-level management skills provide valuable insight into the demands of today’s dynamic climate – bringing objectivity and clarity to the unique issues facing senior executives.

Changing perspectives

By listening, encouraging reflective conversation and reframing scenarios, Elizabeth provides the opportunity and space to look at situations from a different perspective.

Her impartiality allows the individual to develop a deeper awareness and understanding of themselves, their emotional triggers, strengths and motivations.

It also helps them recognise the unhelpful patterns of behaviour that may be hindering them from achieving their potential and performing effectively.

Improving effectiveness

Elizabeth provides a secure foundation for leaders and teams to identify how to leverage their unique strengths and practise strategies for developing better-connected relationships.


In doing so, individuals are able to improve their personal effectiveness and make tangible changes to both their own and their organisation’s success.


Elizabeth’s reputation is built on a proven ability to make a difference – always starting with the end in mind, then working with individuals to define coaching success and using this as a benchmark throughout the process. 


She also uses feedback tools and a variety of psychometrics, including Myers Briggs for a deeper understanding of self, and the JCA Emotional and Intelligence Profile tool to provide evidence of impact.