“I’m lucky to have worked with some amazing people,
and in some incredible organisations…”

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 Head of Department - Media and Entertainment

"The business sees a calmer, more self-aware individual.
They gain value from my ability to draw on areas of strength more confidently."

"I now know to trust my strengths and leverage them at work and home
– I have a much reduced level of self-doubt, without becoming overly arrogant."

COO - Financial Services

"For years I realised what was holding me back most was my lack of self-belief to ‘dare’
to contribute and challenge – especially in a larger group. I would often wait until meetings were over,
but now feel comfortable to speak up and accept any potential push-backs for what they are and
not take them personally."

CEO - FinTech

"Elizabeth gave the right level of supportive and coaching, but pushed me when she felt I could get more from myself."

Director - Marketing and Advertising